CCTV Courses

Become a professional CCTV installer in 3 days

If you are considering developing your career in the lucrative field of CCTV installation, you are in the right place.



The cost of procurement of CCTV is going down and more organisations have come to realise how invaluable it can be for their operations, not only for securing their premises but in a lot more aspects.

The need for competent technicians in this industry has also risen sharply and that is where our Professional CCTV installation training comes in. We have been in the security systems industry for more than 15 years and with practical hands on experience in the UK, Middle East and Africa, we believe our trainees will benefit greatly from our international approach to security systems installation, especially CCTV systems.

Our graduates are equipped to handle live projects confidently and also to be professional while delivering their services.

We also provide ongoing support for our students, this support includes access to CCTV products at wholesale prices, free advice during challenging installations, opportunity for sub contracts from us and more.

Student Testimonials

My experience on the CCTV course was just super, I thought it was going to be a theory course but it was very practical and I feel confident I can handle most CCTV installations now after just 3 days training – Thank you Crimebusters

Jide Sonuga – Barking, Essex

I was already installing CCTV camera before I came for this course, now I see a lot of mistakes that I was doing before. I am happy I came, the training was very professional.

Jude Spencer– Guildford , Surrey

My boss sent me for this course so I can handle the maintenance for our company’s CCTV, I learnt a lot and I have now been promoted because of this training. Good course.

Darren – Slough, Berkshire

I wanted to start my own business in CCTV and this is the only training I heard about through the internet. I didnt know they will teach me so many things about the business. I have now paid for my brother too to attend the course so we can set up the business together – I am very happy I meet you people. Thank you.

Mathew – Earling, London.

Three of use from our church attended the CCTV installation course and we feel empowered and the training was very hands on and practical. Thank you and God bless you all.

Sonny, Ike and Johnson – Manchester

I found most things about the CCTV installation course very helpful, especially the very detailed hand outs and videos. Keep it up guys, I have enrolled for the business course too.

Moses Michael– Luton,


CCTV Installation Professional Certificate


Course Details

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn how to install CCTV systems for the purpose of getting employment as a CCTV installer. We cover all the necessary skills required to become a competent installer. People who complete this course will be ready to enter the lucrative world of CCTV installation.

Who should attend:

CCTV Installation Professional course is designed to provide practical training for people with little experience in IT/Electrical or related background. Applicants for this course need to be literate.

Training materials:

Students will be given various handouts as part of the training. We will require students to bring their own tools when coming for the classes. The list of tools will be given on registration.

Course duration:

3 days intensive training with hands on practical project.


Successful trainees will be awarded our CCTV Installation Professional Certificate on the last day of the course.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • Introduction to CCTV

  • Types of cameras and how to specify them

  • DVRs and other CCTV equipment

  • Understanding video cables

  • Introduction to lenses and lens theory

  • Video storage management

  • Cabling, Crimping and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)

  • Wiring and power considerations for CCTV systems

  • Digital CCTV system installations

  • PTZ camera installation

  • Project

  • Remote CCTV viewing

  • IP and Computer based CCTV system installations

  • CCTV system Trouble shooting

  • Project